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Robot Development Packages

Current Robot Education Market

For scientific research, NexCOBOT has released a series of development kits. The most popular three robot types, which are 6-axis articulated robot, SCARA robot and delta robot, can be chosen to be in the package for research purposes. This open robot platform allows users to focus their attention on robotic application studies and robotic control development, while the effort of building a robot system is saved.

Configuration of Robot Development Packages

Each Robot Development Package consists of an industrial robot body, NexCOBOT’s open robot controller and related circuits and wiring in a control cabinet.

Development Results of Robot Development Package

The Development Package has already been adopted in many laboratories and research institutions. A short list of the results from the use of NexCOBOT’s Robot Development Packages are listed below. These are examples of how limitless it could be by using our development packages.